My name is Szabo Bogdan
and this is my resumemy story

Once upon a time...

There was once a canny man and his name was Bogdan. Since childhood he learned that his fate is laid down to tame beasts and make them listen to his commands.

The first beast that arose was a HC85 who sat proudly in front of the TV. It was magical. Mighty warriors which thought were worthy to face him were taken into a maze where they were in big trouble. Bogdan dared to confront it but he failed. Then, he told his parents that he wants to learn to master the beast. As soon as he learned the alphabet, the parents took him to the palace and he began to learn a new language: BASIC. The first speech of dragons.

After the fifth year, he saw a great thing! Behind a dragon there was a proud cable coming out through which it was talking with other savages. What a great marvel! It may be easy to deal with one beast, but with more, there is trouble coming. So Bogdan went into the world to learn more about the life of those beings.

He walked a day, he walked two, he walked forty-two, until he reached the realm of the wire braids, where he learned PHP speech and helped lost merchants find their way through these lands.

Today, he is searching for a new guild worthy of accompanying him through these realms ...



- (one year and 11 months)

I focused on generating new ideas and ways of approaching different problems with testing and developing software, hardware development and helping others. For robotic arms I worked with D and Java. For a real time note taking web app with browser plugin support, I worked with Node.js and Ember.js. For an in-house mobile device orchestration tool I worked with D and Java. I also set up and mantained a GitLab instance, CI servers on various operating systems, and deploy servers with docker and artifactory, as part of the dev-ops infrastructure.

2.WatchUp, California

- (10 months)

I worked on some backend services with node.js and ember.js. After the iOS developer left the project I continued working on the apple tv and iOS apps

3.National Instruments, Cluj

- (6 months)

I wrote various C components for NI LabWindows™/CVI, a C IDE used by engineers around the world to create software that makes efficient and accurate measurements. Outside work hours, I started organizing recurring Refactoring Dojos and Code Kata sessions at the office.

4.Apon, Reykjavyk

- (2 years and 6 months)

Apon wants to build a web service for creating mobile applications. I have written various modules for this service, and because I have a diverse experience, I contributed with both web components, such as games, media players or online shops and also with a system that converts web applications in native applications.

5.Green Map Association, Bistrița

- (one year and 9 months)

I wrote a web GIS application which I occasionally maintain. The application helps OGM members to collect points of ecological interest. And because they do not work in an office, the application adapts easily to any device and it can be used even when there is no Internet access.

6.GEP SA, Cluj

- (2 years and 5 months)

After I have built two applications to centralize working hours in various departments, it came the turn of a third: an application which helps the users follow on and estimate the projects' evolution based on available resources.

7.Incubator 107, Bucharest

- (2 years and 3 months)

I joined the Incubator in Bucharest, where in addition to drawing on walls I also contributed with posters and the website.

8.Virtual Media 3D, Montreal

- (one year and 9 months)

I wrote various static or dynamic websites with Wordpress or CMSushi.

9.MGSoftware, Sibiu

- (one year and 3 months)

I made Wordpress / Drupal / Joomla themes for website.

What I did

1. fluent-asserts

A D programming language library that help developers who want to do test driven development.

2. Trial

An extensible test runner that wants to be compatible with any D programming language project.

3. Valley

A federated web search engine. I started this project as an exercise and to experiment with a different approach than the most known projects like google and bing.

4. Vibe.dav

A library that adds DAV suport for Vibe.d, the main web toolkit for the D programming language

5. voice

An MPD proxy written in node.js with a cool interface:

6. D Simple Web Server

For the Sushi project I initially used the libmicrohttpdlibrary, but because there were compatibility issues between this library and the D runtime, I wrote a library that provides a basis for web servers written in D.

7. Sound Position Server

For my bachelor thesis I approached a less known topic: wave field synthesis. I managed to get a pretty good effect, using 14 speakers and three sound cards. To get this effect I used Linux, Jack audio server and c++.

8. CMSushi

In high school, beeing passionate about PHP, I made a few small sites. Because at that time there were no CMS solutions, I started this project, which I used and developed until February 2013.

What I acquired

Programming languages

Over time I spoke many languages, some mathematical (Maude, cafeObj) other logic (Prolog) and some forgotten (BASIC, Visual Basic, Pascal). Right now I speak:


Needle in a haystack

Like any other programming craftsman, I had to use databases. Until now, I have used MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB and Oracle, but I can master any database that comes in my way.


Bag of knowledge

During the journey I picked some magic items that I use to tame beasts.